2023 Summer Camp Staff Applications are open!

Year-Round Employment
Summer Staff


Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp is committed to hiring a highly professional team of employees who bring specialized skills and are also personally dedicated to our mission of empowering children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Our programs are led by passionate, enthusiastic, and kindhearted people who believe in helping us create the magical camp culture of the organization. Their hard work and commitment to success help bring new opportunities for independence and personal growth to all of the children and adults who attend Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp.

We believe that if people are having FUN at camp, all of the benefits of our programs will come through. If we are having fun doing the jobs we love, campers and staff members alike benefit. This is why we have a team-based approach to our work environment and offer the training needed to be a successful part of our camp community.

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Summer Staff

Each summer, we hire nearly 100 summer staff and have over 200 volunteers to help make the magic of Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp possible.

Summer Staff Requirements

-All staff must attend ALL STAFF TRAINING and any additional trainings listed below.

-Encouraged to commit to 2 sessions (4-weeks). **If you would like a job description of any position email savannah@mhkc.org**

-Must be able to pass a background check.

-Be CPR/First Aid/AED certified or willing to obtain.

-Have an Oregon Food Handler’s Permit or willing to obtain.

-Must be fully vaccinated (booster included if eligible) before the time of employment.

-MHKC is a drug and alcohol-free camp, including cannabis as we are on federal land.


Camper Care Team

  • Counselor Supervisors (CS): Oversees the overall supervision of an assigned group, including campers, staff, and counselors. Ensures paperwork is in on time. Leads group meetings. Ensures camper safety and well-being. Previous MHKC experience is preferred. Must be 21 years or older.
  • Assistant Counselor Supervisor (ACS): Assists in the overall supervision of assigned group, including campers and counselors. Ensures paperwork is in on time. Assists in group meetings. Ensures campers’ safety and well-being. Must be 18 years or older.
  • Logistics Coordinator/Floater: Oversees group departures, runs errands, chops wood, Johnny-on-the-spot. Backs up groups and staff to ensure camp runs smoothly. Behind the scenes, the job requires excellent time management, punctuality, and initiative. Previous MHKC experience required. Required to attend Oregon Intervention Systems (OIS) training.
  • Behavioral Support:Sunday-Wednesday Schedule. Provides additional support to campers with behavioral needs and their staff. Be extra support throughout the days to groups. Contribute to morning, break and night duty spots with the leadership team.Previous MHKC experience preferred. Required to attend Oregon Intervention Systems (OIS) training.

Certified Staff

  • Camp Nurse (Monday-Saturday): Directs all aspects of the health and safety of campers and staff. Duties include health and medicine reviews at check-in, medication pouring and dispensing, providing first aid and general health care, on-call at night, and assisting in emergencies. RN’s and LPN’s only. Works in Main Camp only.



Program Staff

Program Staff facilitate all program areas around Camp, following a schedule.  Program Staff lead the evening activities such as Campfire (skits and songs on stage), are assigned to a camper group for extra support when they do not have a group at their program. They eat meals with that group and assist at night while groups are in meetings. They will assist campers with personal care, morning or nighttime routines but best of all be their new friends as well! All Program Staff members must be 18 years old.

  • Adventure Course Facilitator: Leads and delivers programming at camp’s adventure course. MHKC has a rockwall, zip-line, flying squirrel, stream crossing, and a giant swing. Required to attend an additional training.
  • Arts and Crafts Facilitator: Delivers arts and crafts programming, rinses/cleans tie-dye t-shirts, keeps the art building clean and organized.
  • Horseback Riding Facilitator:Leads and delivers horseback riding programming. Manages and cares for the camp’s four horses. Must have horse background/experience. Required to attend additional training.
  • Lifeguard- Pool: In charge of lifeguarding all pool-related activities. Responsible for basic care of pool facilities. Lifeguard certification required or willing to obtain.
  • Lifeguard- Waterfront: In charge of lifeguarding all camp activities that take place at Trillium Lake, especially canoeing. Lifeguard certification required or willing to obtain.
  • Recreation Facilitator: Delivers recreation games, sports, adaptive bikes, fishing, and team-building activities.




Other Paid Positions

  • Custodian: Maintains the cleanliness and maintenance of the camp buildings, restrooms, and common areas. Must be 18 years or older.
  • Kitchen Staff: Assists our Chef in all food and dining services, including prep, cleaning, serving, and dishwashing. Must be 18 years or older.


Volunteer Positions

  • Jr. Counselor (volunteer): For volunteers ages 16-17. Jr. Counselors are assigned a group who they work with and support from check-in to check-out. Jr. Counselors also assist staff in supporting campers in all program activities and are their biggest cheerleaders throughout the week!
  • Counselor (volunteer): Counselors (over 18 years old) are assigned a group who they work with and support from check-in to check-out. Counselors also assist staff in supporting campers in all program activities. Ensures camper safety and well-being.



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