How do donor-advised funds work?


DAFs can be easily set up through your financial institution or a community foundation to serve as a flexible charitable giving vehicle.  For more information on how to establish a DAF, contact your community foundation or financial advisor.

What is a donor-advised fund (DAF)?


A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a philanthropic giving vehicle like a charitable savings account.  It provides an immediate tax benefit to you, and allows you to easily support MHKC and other charities of your choice.

Why are donor-advised funds used?


Note: Individual situations vary, so donors should consult their advisors.  

Easy to turn your portfolio into an impactful gift to save lives.

Eliminates capital gains on donated stock. Giving accounts have the potential to grow, possibly providing additional funding when you are ready to make a gift.

You can make recurring gifts with ease, helping us to be prepared for the next emergency.

You can quickly put your charitable dollars into action to respond to emergencies and disasters with an immediate grant.


Skye Burns


How do I give through a donor-advised fund?


You can give in three ways: 

1. Recommend a grant from your DAF through your fund administrator

You can recommend a gift by contacting your fund administrator, or by granting online.(Find yours above)

2. Set up recurring grants from your DAF

You can set up recurring grants to help sustain the lifesaving mission of  Hood Kiwanis Camp. This can be done online (find your institution above) or by contacting your fund administrator. You can choose how frequently the automated grants will occur.

3. Name MHKC as the beneficiary of your DAF 

You can help continue the mission of MHKC after your lifetime by naming MHKC as the beneficiary of your DAF. Simply contact your fund administrator to do so. Please call (971)230-2928 or email to let us know, so we can thank you for your generosity.