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MHKC- Savannah Buck 2022

Savannah Buck

Assistant Development & Communications Director

MHKC on July 220th, 2022. Justin Tucker / Nine84

Skye Burns

Development and Communications Director

Sarah Doty

Sarah Doty

Assistant Programs Director


Matthew Fleischmann

Site and Facilities Director

MHKC - Shannon Herman

Shannon Herman

Rentals Coordinator

MHKC Chase Johnston - Controller

Chase Johnston


MHKC Jason Krieger 2022

Jason Krieger

Assistant Site & Facilities Director

Dave McDonald - MHKC

Dave McDonald

Executive Director

MHKC - Kayla Plessinger

Kayla Plessinger

Programs Director

MHKC on July 220th, 2022. Justin Tucker / Nine84

Bryon Rose

Operations Director


Kathy Werschkul

Program Administrative Coordinator

MHKC Joseph Wightman Counselor

Joseph Wightman

Counselor Coordinator

MHKC Grey Kitty

Grey Kitty

Rodent Control Officer

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