Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp is committed to the highest standards of safety and wellness for all of the people we serve. Vaccinations are required for all staff and stringent sanitizing and disinfecting protocols are in place to mitigate transmission of pathogens at camp. If you have questions, you may find answers here in our COVID-19 Handbook, or contact our Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp’s COVID-19 Response Team (see below) to connect directly to MHKC Staff.

COVID-19 Response Team

Dave McDonald,

Kayla Plessinger,

We ask that all parents, guardians, and caregivers review this handbook in its entirety prior to registering for camp. If you have any questions, please direct them to our COVID-19 Response team.

MHKC COVID-19 Handbook
+COVID-19 Response Team


Please direct any COVID-19 questions, comments, or concerns to our COVID Response Team. They are the ones who can help you. Our staff working during our programs, whether it be in-person or virtually are only enforcing rules they were told to, they are not the ones who made the decisions.

In the event of a positive COVID-19 case, MHKC will notify camper families, by email or phone.

All on-site staff/counselors/volunteers will be informed in person.
If there is a back-to-back program after the positive COVID-19case MHKC will inform the next programs camper families, staff/volunteers/counselors by email or phone as well.
MHKC always has safety as our number one priority.
Decisions to close Camp, delay or cancel a program to mitigate risk after the exposure won’t be taken lightly.
*All communications will be HIPPA compliant.

+Precautions by YOU

If you feel ill, have a family member who is sick, or has a reasonable suspicion that you have been directly exposed to COVID-19, you are prohibited from entering MHKC property until the CDC recommended allotment of time has passed. If an individual becomes ill during their time at MHKC, they must leave immediately.
*Staff/counselors/volunteers please text or call the Assistant Programs Director or Programs Director that you will not be reporting to work.



These may be grounds for going home:


-Sore throat


-Trouble breathing/shortness of breath

-Stomach Pain/Vomiting


-Fever of 100 degrees or higher



Masks MUST be worn at all times (indoors &outdoors)despite vaccine status and social distancing.
Unless actively eating, drinking, bathing, or sleeping. Masks must cover the individual’s mouth and nose at all times when being worn.
Face shields are not an acceptable form of face covering and must be worn in conjunction with a mask. Please bring 1-2 masks per day.
MHKC does have disposable masks upon request.
If an individual is unable to keep a mask on after reminders and cues they may be asked to leave early.
The COVID-19Response Team will evaluate this case by case.

+COVID-19 Screening

At your time of arrival to the MHKC property, EVERYONE will be given a COVID-19 Screening Question sheet to fill out. Please complete this honestly and to the best of your ability.

If anyone answers “Yes” to any of the questions, they will immediately talk with the Head Nurse and Programs Director to address testing and options if coming back will be allowed.



Everyone employed or volunteering is required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before coming on the property.
Proof of vaccination will be required to be submitted in CampMinder.

At this time we are not able to require the COVID-19 vaccine of campers due to DHS guidelines.

*Everyone will be required to fill out an Assessment of Risk form during their registration process.

+Vaccines Exemptions
If you are wanting to attend an MHKC program and have a medical or religious exemption from receiving the COVID-19Vaccine, you will be able to apply for one when you fill out the Assessment of Risk Form.
These must be submitted at least one month before you are wanting to attend a program. The COVID-19 Response Team will need to review and approve the forms.
*Approval is not guaranteed*
Please find this option after you apply and fill out your required paperwork.
The COVID-19 Response Team will then email you more documents to submit.

MHKC Covid-19 sanitizing procedures


MHKC Covid-19 ventilation procedures


MHKC Covid-19 Lodging procedures


MHKC Covid-19 Meals procedures