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Empowering children and adults with disabilities

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Your membership pledge will begin helping camp immediately making sure that the day-to-day expenses associated with offering our life-changing programs are covered.

Our annual membership program is intended to offer you a way to provide yearly financial support to Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp — helping us assure continuous, ongoing, and sustainable support for the camp’s operational needs. Download our FAQ

For close to 10 years, Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp has been experiencing an ever-widening gap between the revenue generated by program fees and the fixed expenses associated with running our summer programs and campsite. It takes almost 100 percent of our fundraising efforts in grant writing and soliciting individual and business contributions to cover the difference between program revenues and program expenses. The result—we cannot proactively make the repairs our campsite needs to meet Forest Service standards, nor can we respond, by adding to the capacity of our campsite, to the growing waitlist of families who are anxious to give their son or daughter the chance to attend our camp.

The Empowerment Circle is one of the several steps we are taking to ensure the longterm sustainability of our camp and its programs. With a predictable, year-to-year, annual level of financial support from Empowerment Circle Memberships, we will know that our operational expenses, costs such as electricity, snow removal, and camp maintenance are covered. This will allow us to shift our focus to the long-term goal of growing our camp so that in the decades to come we can serve even more campers than we do today. Download a membership packet and learn more.

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How will your Empowerment Circle membership pledge HELP Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp?

Every year, in addition to the many direct expenses associated with running quality programming for our campers with disabilities, we must also cover the cost of many fixed expenses that continue regardless of how many program services we offer. Your support makes it easier to cover these on-going costs of doing business.

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