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Currently, all 2021 summer camp sessions are filled

Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp offers award-winning, unique and innovative summer camp opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. On any given day at camp our campers can be seen catching a fish in our pond, swinging high in the sky on our adventure course, splashing in our fully accessible pool, riding horses, or dancing the night away at campfire. Our camp fosters a sense of accomplishment for campers and allows them to experience freedom and acceptance. As camper Renae told us – “At camp, I can FLY.”

Mt. Hood Kiwanis camp offers programming for all individuals with disabilities ages 12 and up. In addition to our Main Camp program, we offer off-site programming for individuals seeking a higher level of independence and adventure. Campers keep coming back year after year to experience all we have to offer – recreation, fun, friendship and more!

Camp is Philip’s highlight of each and every summer. He lives for it and I am so glad he is able to attend. I am so thankful as a parent for this camp.”

Debbie, camper parent


Main Camp activities include challenge/ropes course, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, arts and crafts, swimming, a dance, and campfire programs. Campers sleep in Pods in a lodge or dormitory style housing style cabins with groups of 5-6 campers and 4-5 staff members. Meals are served in each Pods assigned dining area. Main Camp is wheelchair accessible and there will be a staff member assigned to every camper. 

Tuition: $929
Enrollment Processing Fee: $138.75
Total Cost: $1067.75
Note: Due to space limitations caused by the COIVD-19 pandemic, we cannot accommodate caregivers during the 2021 summer camp season. 


Tent and Travel campers will enjoy day-long excursions as well as regular programming at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp. Campers will experience additional challenges on the ropes course and spend a day river rafting on the Deschutes. They will also have an offsite bowling on Wednesday. There will be one staff member for every two-three campers and the outings will be active and rigorous. Tent and Travel campers sleep in tents in the Upper Barlow area. Campers must have attended Main Camp at least one year before applying for Tent and Travel camp and must be approved by the Programs Director.


Tuition: $929
Enrollment Processing Fee: $138.75
Activity Fee: $100
Total Cost: $1,167.75


Lakeside campers spend the week at the pristine Trillium Lake Campground, eight miles East of Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp. Activities at the lake include fishing, swimming, hiking, ranger visit, and crafts. Campers will be camping in tents, cooking at the site and traveling to Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp for the Thursday BBQ Lunch, the ropes course, horseback riding, swimming, recreation and hikes. This program is for active and independent campers. There will be one staff member for every two-three campers. Campers must have attended the Main Camp at least one year before applying for Lakeside Camp and must be approved by the Programs Director. For campers ages 18+.

Tuition: $929
Enrollment Processing Fee: $138.75
Activity Fee: $100
Total Cost: $1,167.75



5 days, 4 nights (Sun.-Thurs.) 5 days, 4 nights (Sun.-Thurs.)  5 days, 4 nights (Sun.-Thurs.)
8-weeks, June-August 8-weeks, June-August 4-weeks, July-August
Ages 12+ Ages 12+ Ages 18+
Sleep: Lodges Sleep: platform tents Sleep: camping tents
$1,067.75/week  $1,167.75  $1,167.75 
1.5:1 camper:staff ratio  2.5:1   2.5:1
Randomly Selected  Pre-approval required Pre-approval required


  Ages Programs
    Main (M) Main (F) Tent Lakeside
Week 1: June 20-24  25+ X X X  
Week 2: June 27-July 1  12-17 X X X  
Week 3: July 4-8  18-30 X X X  
Week 4: July 11-15  18-30 X X X  
Week 5July 18-22  25+ X X X X
Week 6: July 25-29  18-30 X X X X
Week 7: Aug. 1-5  18-30 X X X X
Week 8: Aug. 8-12  25+ X X X X


Our daughter had the greatest time at your camp. To know that she could go to a safe place where she felt confident and had a person there just for her, to encourage her and increase her self-esteem meant the world to us. She is so proud of her accomplishments there.”

Camper Emily’s Mom

Adventure Course

The adventure course consists of a 32-foot rock wall, tight rope stream crossing, a “flying squirrel” that can take campers 40 feet off the ground, a zipline over the river, low adaptive elements, and low obstacle course. Each group attends the adventure course at least once during their stay at camp. We have trained adventure course facilitator’s as a part of our summer staff to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our campers.


Our pool ranges from 3 to 6 feet deep and includes both stairs and a slowly declining entry ramp. We have certified lifeguards on the pool deck at all times. Campers must pass a required swim test or wear lifejackets in the deep end. Staff must stay with their campers while in the pool.


Every summer we thoughtfully choose our MHKC horses. Our trained horse program facilitator’s educate our campers and lead them on an obstacle course ride. In addition, we have specially adaptive horse saddles for participants who need extra support. Campers also enjoy the opportunity to groom and learn about horses.

White Water Rafting

Campers in our Tent & Travel groups spend one day on the Deschutes River navigating the rapids in a guided rafting trip provided through All Star Rafting Company, located in Maupin, OR. Campers take camp vehicles to and from the location and eat lunch provided by All Star in a picturesque location next to the river. All Star Rafting navigates through the Class I-IV rapids and instructs campers when to hold on and sit low in the rafts. Each raft holds one All Star Instructor and a mix of campers and staff. Lifejackets are worn whenever on or near the water.

Other Activities


In addition to the exciting activities listed above, campers also spend the week fishing, making arts-and-crafts, playing recreational field games, hiking, and adaptive biking. Though they might look a little different this year, campers will still enjoy the Wish Boat launch and a Thursday afternoon BBQ (no visitors) as well as evening campfires, and, the Dance.



Camper & Parent Guide

Camp Eligibility Standards

Camper Registration Packet

Sample Camp Schedule

What to Bring

Write Your Camper

Send a letter, post card, or package through USPS. Please address your mail as follows:

Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp
Camper Name, Group Letter (if known)
P.O. Box 206
Rhododendron, OR 97049

Email Your Camper

Log on to your MHKC CampInTouch account, purchase “Camp Stamps” and send a one-way email letter to your camper. The Camp Director will access these daily, print them out, and distribute them to campers. Please note: you must purchase “Camp Stamps” for a small fee to complete this process.

Camp Mailbox

Drop off your letters, post cards or packages in our mailbox located on the front porch of Fanning Hall during check-in. Note: If you drop off multiple items, please note which days you would like your camper to receive them.

Call Our Campsite

Parents/Guardians may contact camp at any time to get a report on how their camper is doing from the Programs Director or one of our staff members. Note: calls on Saturday or Sunday will go straight to voicemail.

Email the Program Director

Click HERE to send an email directly to our Programs Director. Note: Our Directors are in and out of the office regularly providing camper support and care. If you call or email the camp office, they will get back to you as soon as possible.