Camp begins in
277 days!

Empowering children and adults with disabilities

Program Activity Descriptions


The adventure course consists of a 32 foot rock wall, tight-rope-like stream crossing, a “flying squirrel” that can take campers 40 feet off the ground, a zipline over the river and low adaptive elements, and a new low obstacle course. Each group attends the adventure program at least once during their stay at camp. We have trained adventure course instructors as part of our program staff who ensure safety and fun for our campers.


Our pool ranges from 3 to 6 feet and includes both stairs and a slowly declining ramp entryway. We have certified lifeguards guarding the pool. Campers must pass a required swim test or wear lifejackets in the deep end. In addition, counselors stay with their campers while in the pool.


Every summer we thoughtfully choose the horses. Our trained riding instructors educate our campers and lead them on an obstacle course-filled ride. In addition, we have a specially designed adaptive horse saddle for participants who need extra support. Campers also get a chance to groom and to learn about horses.


Our canoe program takes place at Trillium Lake, about 9 miles from main camp. Canoe group stays onsite for the week at Trillium Lake. All other campers will get a chance to ride the camp bus to the lake and spend the morning or afternoon there. Counselors and campers choose to paddle in a canoe, swim in the lake, or relax and watch the beautiful views. We have two waterfront certified lifeguards guarding the lake during canoe activites and all campers are required to wear lifejackets.

White Water Rafting

Campers in our Tent/Trip and Travel groups spend one day on the Deschutes River navigating the rapids in a guided rafting trip provided through All Star Rafting Company, located in Maupin, OR. Campers take the camp bus to and from the location and eat lunch provided by All Star in a picturesque location next to the river. All Star rafting navigates through the Class I-IV rapids and instructs campers when to hold on and sit low in the rafts. Each raft holds one All Star instructor, and a mix of campers, staff and counselors. Lifejackets are worn whenever on or near the water.

Other Activities

In addition to the exciting activities listed above, campers also spend the week fishing, making arts-n-crafts, playing recreational field games, hiking near camp (Little ZigZag Falls at the end of Road #39 and on the Barlow Trail above camp) and participating in evening activities such as campfires, the Dance, the Thursday night BBQ and show, and the Wish Boat launch.