MHKC Camper Michelle

Meet Michelle!


Michelle S.

-Current age


-First year attended Camp and age

Approx 2000 at age 32ish

-Programs that camper or participant has participated in, i.e. main camp, trip or tent and travel, canoe, winter retreat, community outings, volunteer at the auction, participated in the Walk or golf tournament

Horse back riding, Swimming, seeing friends from all over, rock climbing, camp in a box, crafts, dance!

-Favorite activity at Camp

Horse back riding, hanging out with friends

-What was your first day at Camp like vs your most current week you had?

Every time is as exciting as the first time, camp is THE highlight of the year when She gets to go!!!

-What  you look forward to the most about Camp

Meeting my camp counselor and making new friends

-Favorite Camp memory

Going to camp every year with her best friend and enjoying the experience together, Swimming and horseback riding, going to the dance

-Anything else we should know about your Camper or participant

Lisa G. and Michelle have gone to camp together for about 20 years, Lisa passed away this last year so it will be harder the first time going back without her

MHKC Camper Michelle