MHKC Camper John Schrupp

Meet John!

My name is John and I am almost 43.

My first time at camp was in 2000 when I was 21. I have done main camp and Trip and Travel (which is my favorite). I used to go to Winter Retreat but I am scared of slipping on the ice and falling down. I have also participated in the Walk, Roll and Stroll, and my friends and family have raised lots of money for camp.

I like horse riding, crafts, the flying squirrel and campfire skits. The first time I went I was nervous but now I am so confident I sometimes boss my counselor around. I like Smokey the Bear.

I like meeting new counselors and staff as well as seeing my old friends. My favorite times are when my family comes for barbecue and skit night.

I have really been sad to miss camp the last two years and I want the virus to go away.