MHKC Camper - Ben Laidler

Meet Camper Ben!


Age 29

When did you first attend Camp?

Annual camper; first attended Camp at age 15.

What do you most look forward to at Camp?

Ben loves MHKC. Every year the first thing he says when we pick him up is “When do I go back to Camp?” Ben talks about Camp year round and delights in looking at pictures of himself at Camp over the years.

Favorite activity?

His favorite activities are the mine hike; he leads the pack apparently and finds Ebenezer. He also enjoys the flying squirrel and climbing wall. The horses are also much loved and he tells us the names of the horses every year when he gets home.

Team Woodsy or Team Smokey?

Probably Team Smokey

Any other thoughts about Camp?

Camp is a chance for individuals like Ben to be independent. He loves not only the Camp activities but also the freedom of being away from his family. He gets to try his wings in a safe supportive environment.