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Empowering children and adults with disabilities



Vito Perrone

Assistant Campsite & Facilities Director

I spend my time at camp helping maintain the facilities and grounds for the safety and enjoyment of all campers and visitors.

I moved to Oregon from Florida in 2013 after travelling all over the country working seasonally in various outdoor settings. Before joining the MHKC family I spent a few years on the Mt. Hood National Forest trail crew as well as battling forest fires as a Wildland Firefighter. I helped improve and make the little zig zag trail to the waterfall more accessible while on the trail crew!

Favorite camp activity: The waterfall hike

Favorite camp song: The little green frog song!

Favorite camp food: Thursday night BBQ food

My favorite thing about camp: The happiness and inclusiveness

Team Woodsy or Team Smokey? Team Woodsy!

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