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Empowering children and adults with disabilities

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Application: Apply online using our system. After entering basic information an account will be created for you. This is how you will access your camper’s application, forms, and financial information from then on (please remember your log-in email and password for later use). Once you complete the application form, you will receive an email confirming that the form was submitted. Returning Campers: please use your login and password from the previous summer. Email our if you have forgotten yours!


Enrollment: Upon receipt of your camper’s application, camp staff will review all applications to ensure we are able to safely meet the support needs of the camper. Following successful review, you will receive an email update confirming enrollment of your camper into camp. Depending on the number of applications submitted at the same time, it could take up to 15 business days to confirm acceptance.

Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis providing we can safely meet the support needs of the camper. We will process the applications as quickly as possible, and will make every effort to accommodate your first or second choice of weeks. We appreciate your patience during this process.


Enrollment Processing: Once you receive a confirmation enrollment email, you will then be emailed a bill for your Enrollment Processing Fee and Activity Fee (for Out Programs). Enrollment Processing and Activity Fees are due, in full, by FEBRUARY 22nd.

MHKC will make 36 Enrollment Processing Fee Waivers available for campers who are successfully enrolled in the 2019 season of Summer Camp. Campers utilizing Public Assistance to pay for Camp are eligible. This waiver will cover the Enrollment Processing Fee, but may not be applied to the Activity Fee.
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Additional Forms: All additional forms will be accessed through your account, including health history and physical exam forms. Look for these forms to populate after enrollment is confirmed.

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