Camp begins in
126 days!

Empowering children and adults with disabilities



Skye Burns

Development Director

As the Development Director, my job includes grant writing, planning major fundraising events such as the Auction and Golf Tournament, and building relationships with all of MHKC’s amazing donors and supporters.

Prior to my position as the Development Director, I worked for five years as the Program Director running the summer camp program. This position allowed me to gain insight on why this program is so critical and changes the lives of so many. With that knowledge, I am now able to speak and write passionately about this wonderful organization.

I obtained a Master’s in Public Health along with a Bachelors in Health Promotion and Education from Oregon State University. I am originally from upstate New York and graduated high school with a mere 36 students!

Favorite camp activity: Hiking up the waterfall!

Favorite camp song: ‘Lime in the Coconut’ song by the one and only Staff Infection Band!

Favorite camp food: Biscuits and Gravy…’nough said.

My favorite thing about camp: The people and the memories that you’ll share for a lifetime.

Team Woodsy or Team Smokey? Woodsy…he’s cuter.

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