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John Doty

Home Federal Bank

I have lived in Oregon all my life. I spent much of childhood on Mt. Hood in a little cabin in the woods. I attribute my involvement with MHKC to my father, a long time Kiwanian, who led by example, volunteering at MHKC and many other organizations.

I have been in the banking industry for over 35 years, have been married to Peggy for 30 years, and have two children.

I like to ride my bike with the wind in my ears. I like to walk on the beach, hunting for agates as the tide churns the rocks. I like to fish a stream, a river, the ocean and a pond. A pond like that at camp where Campers sail the ocean blue at the end of the week, where they too experience the wind in their ears, a river that churns the rocks, and a pond full of fish. Simply put…. Camp is amazing. It levels the playing field allowing Campers to push their boundaries and enjoy the things that many of us take for granted.

Team Woodsy or Team Smokey? Team Woodsy.

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