Camp begins in
301 days!

Empowering children and adults with disabilities



Christopher P. Lewis

First Tech Federal Credit Union

I am Northwest born and bred and would not live anywhere else. Currently, I am the Director of Commercial Real Estate Lending Operations at First Tech Federal Credit Union.

In my free time, what little there is, I enjoy: Hiking, Adventure/Obstacle Course Racing, Marksmanship, Reading, Cooking, and playing with dogs (primarily my pug Puck). I have always enjoyed supporting activities for people with special needs, and spent over six years in my youth as a special needs/IEP instructor. Two years of that was an IEP swim instructor helping those students become more active, which showed me the benefit of an active lifestyle for everyone. My wife Jennifer is a prosecutor, who supports my involvement with this great program.

As a former Boy Scout who enjoyed many years of summer camp, I believe that everyone can benefit from a summer camp experience to develop: physical abilities, problem solving, teamwork, socialization, and just having fun. Everyone deserves a summer camp experience.

Team Woodsy or Team Smokey? Team Smokey.

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