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Allan Cushing

Director of Programs

Getting to act like a big kid for a living… SIGN ME UP! As the Director of Programs for Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp, I get to help create all of the fantastic programming that happens up at Camp—like our adaptive bike program coming the summer of 2018! I also work closely with Portland State University and Pacific University in recruiting, training, and supervising all of the wonderful counselors that come to us each summer. We have a long history of partnering with these universities and each year it is our goal to recruit 250 counselors. As our campers and parents know, those counselors mean more to a camper’s experience than any activity at Camp. They become a confidant, a support system, and, ultimately, a friend for the campers that attend MHKC. Without Portland State and Pacific University’s support we would not be able to provide the 1:1 camper experience that every camper deserves.

My first job at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp was Adventure Course Manager and I obtained an ACCT Level 2 Ropes Course Certification. That means it is my job to make sure all of that amazing gear high up in the trees is operating properly, and it also means I am rescue certified on all of the ropes elements. Safety up at Camp is our number one priority which is why we always have someone onsite with this rescue certification.

Favorite camp activity: Well that’s easy… The Adventure Course!

Favorite camp song: Hands down, “The Princess Pat” is the best song at Camp.

Favorite camp food: Don’t even think about touching my churro…

My favorite thing about camp: Seeing campers grow from year to year. I have been with Camp since the summer of 2011 and the best part is watching campers grow. It’s really fun to see everyone come back each year and show off their new talents and skills. Camp instills confidence in each camper, helping them achieve their goals.

Team Woodsy or Team Smokey? Team Smokey. His dance moves cannot be denied!

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