Camp begins in
195 days!

Empowering children and adults with disabilities



Allan Cushing

Director of Programs

Every time you rent Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp during the off-season, you help send a camper to Camp! As the MHKC Camp Rentals and Volunteer Coordinator, I am responsible for coordination of rental groups at Camp. I work as the connection between the staff on the mountain and the Portland office to help facilitate the best possible camp experience for all!

Before becoming a full time employee at MHKC, I worked for three summers during camp as an Assistant Counselor Supervisor and Ropes Facilitator. I also worked as a Special Education Assistant for the past year and a half for the Hillsboro School District.

I am a graduate of Rogers High School in Puyallup, Washington and attended Grays Harbor College and Pacific University to obtain my Education degree while playing baseball for both schools.

Favorite camp activity: Well that’s easy… The Adventure Course!

Favorite camp song: Princess Pat of course!

Favorite camp food: Is there any other choice other than Churros?

My favorite thing about camp: My favorite part about Camp is how open and honest everyone is while on the mountain. Nothing makes me laugh harder than when I’m at the end of 95 degree day, where I’ve been running the ropes course all day, and a camper comes over just to tell me I stink and that I look awful! Where else can you find honesty like that? I smile just thinking about it now.

Team Woodsy or Team Smokey? Team Smokey. His dance moves cannot be denied.

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